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Gourmet Cookies in
High Point, North Carolina

Cookies Designed With The Coffee-Lover In Mind

If you want the best Cookies in High Point you have come to the right place.  Have you ever wanted a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth as well as your coffee addiction?  At Java Sweets we have created just that, Coffee Cookies! We’ve taken some cookie classics and added delicious twists by infusing each one with real coffee for a unique taste that will leave you hungry (and thirsty) for more.

Locally Founded, Locally Made

A North Carolina native, Java Sweets’ founder Ashley was looking for the perfect sweet treat that would also indulge her love of all things coffee. She was disappointed with what she found; the cookies she tried never quite met her high standards, and the coffee flavor was never strong enough! Determined to bring her dreams of the perfect coffee-flavored cookie to reality, she decided to bake her own.

Today, Java Sweets provides the perfect blend of coffee and cookie. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, each gourmet cookie is guaranteed to bring you all the comfort and flavor of your morning cup of coffee in a delicious treat you can enjoy anytime!

Order today and your coffee cookies will be headed to High Point!

tray with assorted gourmet cookies

Java Sweets puts a unique twist on classic cookie recipes!

Try The Best Cookies In High Point!

stack of chocolate chip cookies
Java Chocolate Chip

This delightful twist on a classic treat is sure to please your tastebuds. This simple yet delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookie is infused with the deep, rich flavor of a full bodied cup of coffee.

stack of dark chocolate espresso cookies
Dark Chocolate Espresso

Made with a rich blend of dark and semi-sweet chocolates, the bold cocoa taste is paired with a strong shot of espresso for a chocolate-espresso experience you’ll never forget.

stack of sugar cookies cookies for mail order
Java Sugar

Our Java Sugar Cookies are perfect for those who love their coffee with a little sugar.  Without other flavors to complicate things, the sweetness of sugar blended with that rich coffee taste all in cookie form is almost too good to be true.  Simple and Delicious!

cinnamon cookies
Iced Cinnamon Latte

Skip your morning trip to the café and indulge in this delightfully sweet treat instead.  Our Iced Cinnamon Latte Cookies combine the rich flavor of real coffee with a dash of cinnamon and sugar, all topped with a sweet icing drizzle.

shortbread cookies
Cappuccino Shortbread

You don’t need an espresso machine to enjoy the light, melt-in-your-mouth sensation of this Cappuccino Shortbread Cookie. Butter, sugar, and coffee blend together perfectly for a unique taste you’re gonna love.

white chocolate mocha cookies
White Chocolate Mocha

If a Mocha Latte or Frappe is your go-to coffee beverage, then our White Chocolate Mocha Cookie is the one for you. Think of it as a cross between your favorite, full-bodied cup of coffee and a rich hot chocolate, all blended with a sweet and creamy white chocolate. Mmmmm!

stack of red velvet cookies
Red Velvet Cappuccino Shortbread

Cappuccino and cocoa combined in a buttery shortbread cookie, half-dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with sanding sugar.   This cookie not only tastes great, but it’s deep red color and snowy white icing make for a beautiful display!

mint mocha cookies
Mint Mocha Cookies

We’ve combined the deep, delicious flavor of mocha with refreshing, cool mint in this gem.  A mountain of great flavors all blended in a coffee-infused gourmet cookie!

stack of butterscotch cookies
Butterscotch Mocha

This rich combination of cocoa and coffee is complemented perfectly with smooth and creamy butterscotch chips all in one sweet gourmet cookie!

gourmet cookies in a tin

Cookie Sampler

A great way to try all that Java Sweets has to offer, the Cookie Sampler Tin contains each of our delicious cookie flavors for a total of 15 scrumptious cookies.

Java Gift Baskets

Java Gift Baskets combine delicious Biscotti Brothers’ biscotti with Coffee Beanery coffees, rustic Campfire Coffee Mugs and Coffee Candies.  What a great gift for your coffee-lover! 

coffee gift basket with biscotti and coffee mug

We can’t wait to bake you a batch!  Order Today and we’ll have your Cookies in High Point before you can say Coffee!