coffee and cookies in basket for corporate gifts

Java Sweets’ Gourmet Cookie And Coffee Gift Baskets, Gift Tins, & Treat Boxes Make Great Corporate Gifts!

If you are looking for Corporate Gifts to show your employees, business associates, or clients just how much they’re appreciated, Java Sweets’ Gourmet Cookie and Coffee Gift Baskets, Gift Tins, & Treat Boxes are a great (and delicious) way to do just that.  From Uniquely Crafted Cookies to Hand-Made Coffee Mugs to complete Gift Baskets full of everything coffee, Java Sweets is the perfect way for your business to say “Thank You”!

cookie sampler on wooden tray
Java Sweets’ Gourmet Coffee Cookies Are In A Class By Themselves!

At Java Sweets, we’ve created an array of sweet confections with the coffee and cookie lover in mind.  With coffee as the main ingredient, we have designed a cookie flavor for everyone!  From our mildly sweet Cappuccino and Red Velvet Cappuccino Shortbreads to the classic Java Chocolate Chip to the rich and bold Dark Chocolate Espresso, we have a cookie to please every taste no matter how you like your coffee!

Our most popular Tin, the Cookie Sampler, includes each of our delicious cookie flavors, and is a great choice for corporate gifts as it’s sure to please any cookie or coffee lover.

tin of assorted cookies

tin of shortbread cookies for corporate gifts

A Gift Tin Of Java Sweets’ Gourmet Cookies Is A Great Way To Say Thank You!

Java Sweets’ beautiful, embossed Gift Tins each contain 15 delicious, individually wrapped cookies, and all of our amazing Coffee Cookies, Gift Baskets, Gift Tins, Treat Boxes, and Mugs can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. 

A Gift Tin of Java Sweets’ Gourmet Cookies will show everyone just how much they are appreciated!

Tin of butterscotch cookies

Gift Tin To Send Cookies, Coffee, And Candy

The Java Gift Tin and Java Gift Mug With Coffees are great Corporate Gift options!

The Java Gift Tin – A Taste of Java Sweets includes a sampling of our gourmet coffee cookie flavors, a pack of delicious Costa Rican La Minita Coffee from the Coffee Beanery, Milk Chocolate – Covered Coffee Beans, and Hopjes Coffee Candies. Yum!

The Java Gift Mug With Coffees includes a beautiful, rustic Campfire Coffee Mug made from enamel coated steel and two packs of delicious Coffee Beanery Coffees.

white coffee mug

Java Treat Boxes Are Full Of Coffee Goodies And All Ready For Gifting!

gift basket for corporate gifts
Want your Corporate Gifts To Say Even More?  Java Gift Baskets, Full Of Cookie And Coffee Treats Will Do Just That!

With each beautiful basket, you’ll not only get a Gift Tin of Java Sweets’ Gourmet Coffee Cookies, but also hand-crafted items like beautiful, large hourglass coffee mugs from Missions Pottery And More here in Lexington, NC and delicious Coffee Beanery coffees.

And every Java Gift Basket is completely customizable right down to the combination of cookie flavors in the Gift Tin.  

gift basket with coffee and cookies

Need Customized Corporate Gifts?  No Problem!

At Java Sweets, we are happy to customize your order.  We can create your corporate gifts with all of our delicious and unique coffee cookie flavors or just the ones you want.  You can customize your cookie pack size from our 15 count Gift Tins, to our 2-Cookie Packs, or even Single Cookies.  We can create Gift Baskets, Gift Tins, or Treat Boxes to fit your company’s or client’s needs!  Just Contact Us at 1-800-474-1902 or email us at to start your custom creation!

Java Sweets’ Gourmet Cookie and Coffee Gift Baskets, A Great Way To Say “We Appreciate You”!

Shop Java Sweets to see all the amazing Corporate Gift Options for your business!