Everything Old is New Again

Have you noticed that everywhere you turn, everything new looks vintage? Funny thing is, I have always loved vintage even before vintage was cool. Old galvanized tins, aged brass candle holders, cobalt blue depression glass, I love it all and always have. That is why Java Sweets’ logo is modeled after my own antique coffee grinder and we ship our coffee cookies in tin gift cans.

When my husband and I starting thinking of ways to package cookies, we thought, well since they are flavored with real coffee, why not use something that resembles the way coffee was packaged before plastic was invented, tin cans! Not sure if Java Sweets would even sell its first cookie, we decided to use gift tins we labeled ourselves. Well, it's almost a year later and we are selling delicious coffee flavored cookies! And now, we will be selling them in beautiful custom printed gift tins, embossed with our company name Java Sweets. The tins have arrived just in time for the gift-giving holidays. They would also be a great pick-me-up gift for those college students who may be just a little homesick.

As summer comes to a close here in North Carolina, we will be attending many fall festivals around this great state. Check our events page or better yet sign up for our monthly email newsletter(thru link on left side of Facebook page facebook.com/javasweetsbakery) to see if we will be attending a fall festival near you.  Our brief newsletter also always contains a money-saving coupon.  We would love to meet you and have you sample the unique flavors of Java Sweets cookies.

We hope you had a great summer!

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