Grandparents’ Day

Did you know that this Sunday, September 10th, is Grandparent’s Day? Or at least I think it is. It is not advertised or promoted like other special days but nevertheless, I would like to wish all grandparents a happy day this Sunday, especially my maternal grandmother! She is the only living grandparent that I have left and although I loved all of my grandparents, she is the most special to me.

I have so many great memories of times spent with her that it is hard to pick what to share. I can remember as far back as age three or so when I would spend the night with her and we would read books or work puzzles. Whenever I got a piece to fit, she would call me a smart cookie. My first memories of going to church were with her as a little girl riding in her car taking me to Sunday School, and of course the whole family will never forget the Sunday lunches she prepared every Sunday. Those huge meals were a labor of love that kept our family close as I was growing up.

She was an excellent seamstress and I can not count the number of dresses she made for me, from the time I was born till the day I got married. My wedding dress was the last one she made for me. I remember shopping trips to find the right material or pattern and even shopping for shoes or just the right color tights to complete the outfit. She also knitted and crocheted. My cousins and I always had the prettiest sweaters.

And did I mentioned she also worked a full-time job? Whenever I read Proverbs 31, I always think of her, especially verse 21, “She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness.” The last thing she crocheted for me is the tablecloth pictured with the antique coffee grinder on Java Sweets website. You see, although her mind is still good for an 88 year old lady, her body is becoming weak. She can’t cook the big meals anymore and her feeble hands can’t sew or crochet anymore. So the tablecloth has become very sentimental to me. It will always have a special place right in the center of my dining room table, just as my grandmother will always have a special place right in the center of my heart.


So don’t forget to wish your grandparents a Happy Grandparents Day and please share your memories with me!

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