Java Sweets’ Debut at The Lexington Barbecue Festival

This past weekend was Java Sweets’ largest event to date and all we can say is Wow!

Our small hometown of Lexington, North Carolina transformed into a fall festival that literally took over every street.

Thousands of people poured into this small North Carolina town and hundreds of people tried our coffee flavored cookies for the first time.

Amanda Hodges was the winner of our free cookie tin contest with her favorite flavor being Java Chocolate Chip, but Cappuccino Shortbread was the winner for overall votes for best flavor.

We would personally like to thank our family members who volunteered to chip in and help. We don’t know how we would have pulled off such a successful day without you! And another special thank you goes out to all of our Java Sweets customers!

With all the positive feedback and compliments from festival goers, it was a great day for Java Sweets.

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