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Do you ever just stop and think, “where has the time gone”? You know that the holidays are not far away, and It seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl playing hide and seek at my Aunt Ruby’s house with all of my cousins. One of the best memories of those times were the sugar cookies that my Aunt Norma Lee would bake by the dozens, and bring to our special New Year’s Day celebration. They were rolled cookies, almost paper thin, cut into holiday shapes and dusted with colored sugar.  You could tell she baked them all with love! It is a sweet memory of my childhood that I will never forget!

That said, time is flying by at Java Sweets and I’m just trying to keep up. Just a couple weeks ago we introduced our new Java Sugar Cookie. It’s a cookie for those of you that I have talked to at various festivals over the past year who have said, “I just like a little sugar in my coffee”. My sugar cookie is different from Aunt Norma Lee’s in that it is a “dropped” cookie and not a “rolled” one like hers. But that uncomplicated taste of sugar and coffee is just right, and I threw in a little love just for good measure! I hope you like it!

Last but not least, I would like to personally thank everyone who has taken time to stop by our booth at the many festivals we’ve done, tried our cookies, and bought some. We have even developed a local following of repeat customers who look for us at the festivals, and for that, I am especially grateful!


We hope you all get to try the Java Sugar Cookie and have a great Fall!

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