Best Gourmet Cookies in a Gift Tin
Java Sweets — Gourmet Coffee Cookies

If you are looking for the best mail order cookies, you have come to the right place!

What is it about your favorite cookies that makes them your favorite?

Do they hit the sweet spot between being too crunchy or too doughy?

Do they combine the flavors of your favorite coffee drink with the delicious experience of a gourmet cookie?

Are they delivered straight to your door?

Now they are!

Leave the car in park, we’re coming to you.

Did you get volun-told to bring cookies for next week’s church dinner even though you don’t have the time or baking skills to bake up a fresh batch?

Or, maybe your mother-in-law is extra hard to impress.

Or, maybe you’re just in the mood for your favorite cookies, but don’t want to get dressed and go shopping.

Typically, these problems would entail a trip to the bakery, but not with mail order cookies from Java Sweets.

Java Sweets Coffee Cookies put a unique twist on some classic cookie recipes.

We’ve infused the great taste of coffee into gourmet cookies with a flavor for everyone!  From our mild Cappuccino Shortbread to our bold Dark Chocolate Espresso, our cookies are sure to please any coffee lover.

Need a gift for you coffee-loving friends? We’ve got you covered.  Our Gourmet Coffee Cookies and Java Gift Baskets are perfect for your friends and loved ones who always have mug-in-hand. 

Meet the best mail order cookies!

What’s your coffee type? Rich and dark, or extra sweet? No matter how you take your coffee, there’s a Java Sweets gourmet cookie just for you!

Java Chocolate Chip Cookies

Java Chocolate Chip Cookie

There’s nothing tastier than a fresh, sweet, and chewy chocolate chip cookie – except for this new twist. With every bite, this delicious treat combines a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe with the smooth taste of coffee. Two in one is the sweetest deal.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee Gifts

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookie

Serious chocolate lovers and coffee addicts are about to be blown away. This cookie combines the richness of dark chocolate with a strong shot of espresso – the tastiest, most intense cocoa-espresso duo you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating!

Iced Cinnamon Latte Coffee Gifts

Iced Cinnamon Latte Cookie

Here’s a new, mouthwatering spin on your early morning latte. A gourmet cookie with the rich taste of coffee and a dash of cinnamon and sugar, all topped with a sweet icing drizzle.  A delicious latte you can eat!

Cappuccino Shortbread Coffee Gifts

Cappuccino Shortbread Cookie

Let us bring your favorite cappuccino to you with our coffee-infused shortbread confection. This light, melt-in-your-mouth cookie blends butter, sugar, and coffee in the most unique, flavorful, and unexpected way. And the best part? You can enjoy them any time of day!

white chocolate mocha cookies

White Chocolate Mocha Cookie

If a Mocha Latte or Frappe is your go-to coffee beverage, then our White Chocolate Mocha Cookie is the one for you. Think of it as a cross between your favorite, full-bodied coffee and a rich, hot chocolate, all blended with a sweet and creamy white chocolate.


Java Sugar Cookie

Our Java Sugar Cookie is perfect for those who love their coffee with sugar.  Without other flavors to complicate things, the sweetness of sugar blended with coffee all in a gourmet cookie is almost too good to be true. 

Red Velvet Cappuccino Shortbread Cookie

Cappuccino and cocoa combined in a buttery shortbread, half-dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with sanding sugar.  It’s hard to eat just one of these beautiful, rolled shortbread cookies.

gourmet cookies including java chocolate chip cookies in gift tin

Cookie Sampler

Not sure which flavor to choose? This option is perfect for you! Our Cookie Sampler tin includes:  3 White Chocolate Mocha Cookies, 2 Java Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Iced Cinnamon Latte Cookies, 2 Java Sugar Cookies, 2 Cappuccino Shortbread Cookies, 2 Red Velvet Cappuccino Shortbread Cookies, and 2 Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies, for a total of 15 of our delicious gourmet cookies.

Gift Basket with coffee and gourmet cookies delivered

Java Gift Basket-The Original

Each Java Gift Basket-The Original includes a Sampler Tin of delicious Java Sweets Gourmet Cookies, a beautiful hand-made coffee mug from one of our local potters, Missions Pottery, and a 2 oz. pack of fresh-roasted coffee from one of our local roasters, FosterHobbs, all in a beautiful Gift Basket.

gift basket of coffee and cookies delivered

Java Gift Basket-Coffee Sampler

Each Java Gift Basket-Coffee Sampler includes a Sampler Tin of delicious Java Sweets Gourmet Cookies and a variety of fresh-roasted coffees from one of our local roasters, FosterHobbs, all in a beautiful Gift Basket.

Cookis in Tin for Cookie Delivery, Cookie Gifts, and Coffee Gifts Delivered

Ready for a cozy night in with a fresh batch of our gourmet cookies? Click here to buy your first batch online!

Why is Java Sweets the best mail order cookie service?

Because no one has ever splashed a steaming mug of cookie all over the car.

Because you can’t just toss a cinnamon latte in your gym bag and have it later.

Because opening a cookie jar is easier than cleaning a percolator.

Because now you can please your mother-in-law without lifting a finger.

Our customers love our gourmet cookies, and we love our customers, so we wanted to make it even easier for you to serve up gourmet desserts…or snacks, or breakfast!  So, we decided we’d bring them to you  with Java Sweets mail order cookies.

Order your Java Sweets, go enjoy life, and come home to fresh gourmet cookies waiting at your front door in just 3-4 business days. (Hey, West Coast pals, your mail order cookies will probably take 4-5 days to reach you. We love you dearly, but you’re kind of far away!) Sometimes we’ll bring them to you sooner, but good things take time!

If for any reason you aren’t thoroughly pleased with your Java Sweets order (not to toot our own horn, but we doubt this’ll be an issue), we’ll settle it within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Simply order your favorite gourmet cookie flavor or try out a sampler to find something everyone will love.