Truly Thankful

With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, I have so much to thank God for that I really don’t know where to start.

Of course, my salvation through Jesus Christ will always be my first and foremost praise, but God’s blessings in my life don’t stop there. He has blessed me with a great husband, family, freedom, and material things.

But this year, He has also blessed me with the opportunity of starting my own company Java Sweets. It was this time last year that my husband and I took the step of faith to take Java Sweets from an idea and recipes to an actual company. Each step has had its challenges but every time I seem to get discouraged, God sends encouragement. Whether it was working out the kinks in the website, allowing us to pass all the necessary inspections to operate a bakery, 0r now our tallest hurdle, spreading the word about Java Sweets and people placing an order for our cookies, God makes a way.

So that leads me to another blessing, our Java Sweets customers. A special thank you to all of our customers who took time at an event to stop by our table, to purchase a tin of cookies, or to those who have placed on order through our website.

I am truly grateful.

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