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Our company was founded with a personal mission. After spending many years looking for the perfect coffee flavored treats to satisfy our sweet tooth and love for coffee, we just weren’t satisfied. As hard as we looked, we could never find anything that met our high standards. Half the time, we couldn’t even taste the coffee!

That’s why we started baking our own, and discovered such a passion for it that we founded our own bakery, Java Sweets.  

At Java Sweets, we strive to create the best and most unique coffee confections while providing unmatched customer service, all at a reasonable price. It’s as simple as that!

Java Sweets is a family-owned bakery

dedicated to bringing quality, coffee-flavored treats to our customers.

We provide the comfort and rich flavor of your morning coffee in a way you can easily enjoy any time of day.

Coffee Flavored Cookies Java Sweets
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