Coffee Flavored Cookies Java Sweets

Hi there, my name is Ashley.

Welcome to Java Sweets, I’m glad you found my family bakery.

I founded Java Sweets with a personal mission. I spent many years looking for the perfect coffee flavored treats to satisfy my sweet tooth and my coffee loving side all at once. As hard as I looked, I could never find anything that met my high standards. Half the time, I couldn’t even taste the coffee!

That’s why I started baking my own coffee flavored treats. I discovered such a passion for it that I founded my family-owned bakery, Java Sweets, here in North Carolina.

I personally create the best recipes, source the finest ingredients, and blend and bake the cookies with love. Then I wash all the dishes afterward!

As a small business owner, I believe in having integrity and being completely honest with my customers. It’s as simple as that.

Java Sweets is a family-owned business

dedicated to bringing quality, coffee-flavored treats to our customers.

We provide the comfort and deliciousness of your morning coffee in a way you can easily enjoy any time of day.

Coffee Flavored Cookies Java Sweets
Coffee Flavored Cookies Java Sweets Logo

A Little More

About Me.

I am a hardworking, self-taught baker. I am determined to create deliciously unique coffee flavored treats that give Java Sweets an edge over the competition.

I have been a homemaker for twenty years. I have always enjoyed the fun and comfort of baking for my family. Now, I’m ready for a challenge in starting and running my own bakery in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.

I grew up in the Triad. I love it here, and I love being with my family, which is why I’ve stayed here my whole life. I love the old saying: there’s no place like home!


When I’m not being a total homebody, I dedicate myself to helping others through my church, Freedom Baptist. I’ve recently started assisting with our Junior Church on Sunday mornings. I am constantly inspired by the children I help, and they are a bigger blessing to me than I could ever hope to be for them.

My goal is to make every customer feel at home, so please contact me with any comments or questions. I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, please contact us!